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Weifang City Habitat Kang Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, located in the famous hometown of Chinese vegetables in Shouguang City ---- 7 km north wing black high speed, 25 km north of Jinan-Qingdao, east 40 kilometers through the world Kite are "Weifang." Convenient transportation, beautiful environment, rich natural resources, is the Bohai Economic Zone yellow and blue key development projects.

The company occupies 60 acres and employs 168 people, professional and technical staff of 16 people. 2012 has passed the production license and ISO9000 standards. The company is mainly engaged in the soy sauce, vinegar, sauce, soy flour four series of over one hundred single-product development, production and sales.

Companies using the traditional brewing techniques and modern biotechnology combination of production, advanced equipment, the full realization of the mechanized operations and automation and control, to ensure the stability of product quality and controllability of the process parameters of the production process. Products both sensory quality or intrinsic quality, all met or exceeded the national standard, color, smell, taste, body and taste, rich in nutrients, is adorned indispensable people three meals a day supplies, but all food processing Enterprise essential raw materials.

Companies adhering to the "first and stronger, after the bigger, permanent make excellent" development ideas, and always implement the "use technology brewing healthy" business philosophy, adhere to the "quality of life" the basic principles, lapping various scientific brewing process to achieve Brewing the perfect combination of modern technology and traditional brewing process, to "natural health" as persistent quality requirements, brew all-natural, high-quality condiment.

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